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Take a look at our NGDATA Inside and Solution Partner Programs.

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Find the Right Fit for Your Business

The Solution Partner Program is multi-tiered to bring innovative engagement solutions
to the market and provide unprecedented value to our partners through revenue sharing.
All partner tiers can take advantage of ongoing support and consultancy from NGDATA.

Alliance Partner

All collaboration initiatives start as NGDATA Alliance Partners. This entry-level tier includes technology and solution partners that want to work with NGDATA on a single deal or business development activities.

Premium Partner

Premium partners are proven NGDATA Alliance partners that have shown merit through extensive sales and account growth, as well as successful implementation of NGDATA’s Intelligent Engagement Platform for their customers..

Lighthouse Partner

Lighthouse partners build out-of-the-box industry-specific use cases in the Intelligent Engagement Platform and go to market together with NGDATA. These are NGDATA’s strongest and most knowledgeable partners. They serve as go-to partners for their vertical-specific customer engagement solutions, certified by NGDATA.


Under the NGDATA Inside program, a partner can implement IEP technology through an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) model inside of their technology stack and sell it under their brand.

The program enables Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to scale their digital analytics and customer experience capabilities for their customers.

By using the NGDATA Intelligent Engagement Platform as a plugin inside their existing solutions, ISVs will be enabled with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for advanced real-time orchestration and journey analytics.

This means their digital customers will benefit from a one-to-one, personalized, and relevant next best experience.


Why Partner with NGDATA?

Grow Your Business

NGDATA changes the paradigm of partner monetization by directly linking customer success to the partner’s revenue when one of their customers uses the NGDATA IEP.

Shorter Time to Value

Leverage the NGDATA IEP so your customers can realize faster time to value with pre-packaged solutions and easy extensibility with new experiences that build on top of these solutions.

Best-of-Breed Software

NGDATA has the most advanced and holistic customer engagement platform and provides partners with the necessary tools to create any customer engagement solution imaginable.

Become an NGDATA Partner


Your Success is Our Mission

We begin every partner engagement with a proven blueprint
tailored to help bring intelligent engagement solutions to your customers.

Discovery & Onboarding

The discovery and onboarding phase revolves around the initial conversation with the partner on solution fit and potential for enablement across their sales and services teams. During this phase, NGDATA will lay the solution foundations, define goals, and draw a clear path to monetization.


In the solutioning phase, NGDATA will shape the solution strategy and marketing message together with our partner. For vertically-focused partners, this also includes assisting the partner to build an out-of-the-box solution using our IEP.


Creating value for the partner with the solutions they have crafted together with NGDATA and offering partners a win-win business model to extend beyond services and reselling. This is a combination of recurring revenue, services, and potential solution IP revenue.

Partner Success

Ongoing support is needed to help the partner succeed with every lead, prospect, and client in their portfolio. This phase touches all layers of the NGDATA organization for it to succeed, from product to sales, marketing, and services.

Technology Partners

Microsoft Silver Partner

Solution Partners

Join the NGDATA Partner Program

Become an NGDATA Partner, and start growing your
business with our AI-powered Intelligent Engagement Platform.

Become an NGDATA Partner