A win-win for IT and Business

Banking customers’ expectations are shifting – and the banking industry must adapt and evolve if it’s to retain customers and compete against the rising FinTech sector successfully.

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Core Banking Modernization
Tuesday, September 14 2021

Today, the question banks must ask is: how can we maximize customer lifetime value (CLTV) to reflect our growing prioritization of our customers’ long-term financial needs? To provide a service that evolves as its customers do, the banking industry must invest in an inside-out approach that keeps personalization at the forefront. 

In our webinar, ‘Core banking modernization with a CDP: A win-win for IT and business’, we explore how modernizing the industry from the core can help banks drive individualized engagements at every stage of their customer journey.  

Throughout, we analyze the key challenges that banks are facing in their journey to personalized customer experiences, and demonstrate how targeting customers with real-time, data-led engagements can drive incredible results for banks using one of our customer case studies. 

NGDATA also takes a look at how our Intelligent Engagement Platform can help banks to build journeys that truly reflect what their customers are looking for – and why an advanced CDP must be a cornerstone of every bank’s future.  

Topics of the webinar:

  • A Forrester Analyst’s presentation on holistic personalization strategy for banks and common personalization pitfalls to avoid;
  • A customer case study about how personalized journeys
    drive tangible results that are scalable across the bank;
  • Hear from NGDATA on the key role of the NGDATA platform as
    a system of intelligence when building personalized journeys for customers.

Moderator Jens Ponnet Chief Growth Officer @NGDATA
Speaker Kevin Shaver VP, Solutions Engineering @NGDATA

Expert Views on Core Banking Modernization with a CDP

BLOG POST by Jens Ponnet
You Can Bank on Better Customer Experiences with a More Modern Core

Overcoming the limitations of legacy systems in a microservices era is a major challenge for banks. A frictionless customer experience relies heavily on seamless integrations and intelligent technology. With customers wanting to be treated like individuals and not segments, a smarter CDP can aggregate data from the core and apply analytics on top to build better customer intelligence that gives rise to more intuitive customer engagements.

Find out how banks can accelerate a digital transformation by using a CDP.

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BLOG POST by Kevin Shaver
The Power of a CDP in Banking Digital Transformations

The pandemic was a catalyst in raising customers’ digital experience expectations, but banks’ legacy systems can’t keep up with the real-time data that’s critical to meeting these. Creating highly targeted interactions is certainly on the banking industry’s radar, with enhancing customer experiences being the top strategic priority for 46% of the mid-market banks planning to modernize in the next five years. Banking needs to think beyond improving operations with core modernization and focus on providing ‘banking-as-a-lifestyle’ and avoiding personalization pitfalls.

Find out how banks can breathe more life into stale core systems by integrating a sophisticated CDP.

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Retail banking CDP

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IEP is designed to be customer-centric and maximizes profitability by allowing for 1-to-1 personalization in real-time.

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