Predict & Counter Customer Churn

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Features and benefits

Proactively engage with at-risk customers​

Tap into the IEP’s sophisticated analytics-based decisioning models to predict when or how likely individual customers are going to churn, and proactively engage with them to prevent them from leaving.​​

Empower call center agents​

Provide client-facing staff with sufficient and relevant background information on the customer, along with their most pressing concerns and the best possible offers to present them, empowering your agents to boost the overall customer experience and convincing the customer to stay.​​

Learn from previously churned customers​

Anticipate churn by learning from previous churners. Proactively engage with at-risk customers and use the platform’s “unified customer view” to assess what would make them stay and counteract the churn threat with that information.​

Journey Objectives
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Problem Statement​

Traditional telecom brands often do not have the right resources to anticipate a customer’s potential to churn, resulting in their inability to prevent customer departures and defections. With a growing number of telco companies providing more innovative features and better customer service at competitive prices, it is becoming easier for consumers to switch their telco providers. As a result, competition becomes fiercer, making it imperative to build a stronger customer retention strategy.​

Use Case Overview​

In this use case, certain markers in a customer’s behavior are captured in real-time by the Intelligent Engagement Platform (IEP) to detect any possibility of churning. A personalized experience will be triggered right away, attempting to resolve any issue faced by the customer, aiming to prevent churn by boosting their experience. These markers are based on any customer behavior suggesting a high churn risk, such as visiting web pages like ‘how to cancel my subscription’ or filing a complaint online or directly through a call center. Churn risk could also be inferred from a customer’s intermittent connection problems despite being in touch recently with customer service agents and having been offered a resolution.​​

Solution Approach​

The NGDATA IEP leverages integrated data sources across the telco’s ecosystem and provides the means to easily access them in real-time. With the Customer DNA at its core, the platform can detect any change in customer behavior indicative of a medium to high churn risk. Depending on the complexity of the issue, an experience can be triggered to an agent to attend to the customer’s concerns right away, or directly to the customer, with relevant offers that are scored by the IEP based on the customer’s needs at that time. In addition to this, the telco’s homegrown churn prediction models (if available) can also be used by the IEP as additional input to enhance its churn predict

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