Mortgage Awareness to Onboarding

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Features and Benefits

Personalized relevant communications​: For personalized messaging, leverage the information provided by a visitor in the mortgage calculator, depending on what they entered and what financial information you already have.​​

Systematically ensure timely communication​: For example, measure how long it takes for a customer to have two sequential touchpoints related to the same offering and ensure communications offer tailored information based on the information each customer/prospect has already engaged with during the interest phase. Automate messages to move customers through the funnel when there are pieces of information missing during the application and underwriting process. Route outbound calls effectively to ensure on-time fulfillment.

  • Improved lead conversion rates and volumes throughout the sales funnel, leading to greater mortgage account openings
  • Improved engagement rates for personalized experiences on direct messages and banners​
  • Maximized top of the funnel lead acquisition
Journey Objectives
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Problem Statement

Determining the right mortgage terms and deciding who will service a mortgage are important decisions, so customers routinely conduct extensive research online. They will compare interest rates, mortgage (discount) points, origination fees, terms, and other mortgage parameters before deciding on who to engage with. Once customers go beyond that exploration phase into the application and processing phase, they require more help from mortgage professionals. They interact with them through a variety of communication channels including online chat, telephone, text messaging, and email. In order to create successful customer engagements, banks need to offer a seamless and personalized experience from the information gathering stage to pre-approval to application through to fulfillment, which will ultimately lead to greater mortgage account openings.

Maximizing mortgage agreements: a use case

To progress from using an online mortgage calculator to applying for pre-qualification or mortgage can be a long process. However, not engaging in this early stage could mean losing a qualified prospect to a competitor who acts more quickly and with the next-best-action. Ensuring relevant, timely, personalized messaging, and information from the nascent stages of customer exploration will ultimately lead to greater mortgage account openings. NGDATA’s Intelligent Engagement Platform allows banks to set up an intuitive mortgage to fulfillment customer journey that personalizes and coordinates communications across channels using real-time interaction management. This includes different messaging by journey stage (e.g. early interest vs. application started) with considerations for different financial and behavioral attributes.​

Solution Approach

By leveraging the analytical journey capability within the platform, banks can create compelling acquisition journeys that are based on real-time customer insights. Inbound and outbound communications are combined within one journey and are optimized for the most appropriate channel at the right time. These communications are individualized by using microsegments for each experience and based on specifying context parameters they are contextual in order to ensure relevance when engaging with the customer. All relevant sources and channels plug directly into NGDATA’s Intelligent Engagement Platform to generate real-time analytics and drive real-time engagement.

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