Bundling Offers To Increase Customer Value

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Features and benefits

Adapt to consumers’ evolving needs​

Foster long-term customer loyalty by proactively supporting customers at times their needs and demands change. This allows the telco to benefit financially, and at the same time, deepen its relationship with the customer, turning them into brand advocates.​​

Application into households​

This use case can be extended into households, where each household member’s interactions are analyzed and aggregated by the IEP, resulting to a household bundle plan recommendation to meet each of the members’ needs.

Journey Objectives
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Problem Statement​

Bundled plans can be a true win-win situation for both the provider and its customers. For the customer, bundling their plans can act as a cost-saving measure and comes with the convenience of a singular billing mechanism, saving them the trouble of having to separately pay for their multiple services. From the telco’s standpoint, having a customer invest in them as the sole provider for their mobile, internet, or streaming needs leads to an increased revenue per customer and an improved lifetime value. However, bundling is not as simple as it sounds – it’s not a “one size fits all” approach and has to be flexible and customizable to suit a consumer’s needs.​

Use Case Overview​

The main goal of this use case is to get existing customers to switch from singular to bundled plans. The sub-goal and associated offers & experiences will vary for different types of audiences:​

  • Send an experience to compel customers with multiple (yet disparate) plans to opt for a bundle by highlighting the predicted savings that they can earn​
  • Accommodate the growing consumption needs of customers (e.g. has exceeded data or talk time within the last 30 days) by upselling them to a bundle allowing for an increased consumption limit​
  • Convince customers (already enrolled in at least one service) whose browsing behavior suggest heightened interest in another service provided by the telco to complete the purchase by cross-selling them with a customized bundle​

Solution Approach​

This use case combines two of the IEP’s core functions: customer journey analytics and smart audiences. With these, easily design customized campaigns suited for the needs of various customer segments, and audiences are updated in real-time, promoting relevancy in the communication by ensuring that the right people are targeted only at the right time.

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