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37 Must-Have Tools for Data-Driven Marketers

Data is an invaluable part of marketing, especially because companies connect with customers and engage with prospects in so many ways today. To truly connect with consumers, organizations need to make the most of their marketing strategies and campaigns, and the only way to do that is through the highest quality data, insights, and analytics available. With data-driven marketing tools, companies and organizations are able to target their audience and yield better ROI results than ever before.

The challenge is, there are a tools for data driven marketers that many find it difficult to determine which ones are right for their company and their goals. To save you some time and money, we have scoured the internet for the top tools for data-driven marketers (from general digital marketing tools, to real-time analytics platforms, to paid search tools).

To make our list, the tools must include some of the most useful and powerful features out there, including targeting and segmenting capabilities, accurate and complete insights, integration and collaboration capabilities, visual and graphing options, and customizable features. We have listed our top tools for data-driven marketing below, in no particular order.

1. comScore


A leader in digital media analytics, comScore seeks to make audiences and advertising more valuable for data-driven marketers. With its Unified Digital Measurement (UDM) methodology, comScore accounts for all of your site visitors and helps you analyze the size and quality of your audience.

Key Features:

  • Informed search and display media
  • Measure audience size and composition across platforms
  • Comprehensive reporting on more than 300,000 digital media entities

Cost: Contact for a quote

2. DataHero


DataHero enables data-driven marketing teams to chart any of their data from anywhere, any time. DataHero brings all of your business and data together in one easy-to-use platform.

Key Features:

  • Visualize data with a variety of charts or create your own customized charts with drag-and-drop features
  • Connects directly to your business services for instant access to data
  • Combine data from different business services and analyze the relationships between them
  • Collaborate and share with the team

Cost: FREE trial for 14 days available

  • FREE – import data from cloud storage and SaaS business services, upload excel and CSV files, create unlimited charts, complete 1 combination of data from multiple services, 2MB file size limit, standard email support
  • Premium: $49/month – all FREE features, plus unlimited combinations of data from multiple services, automatic data updates, customization options, and 10 MB file size limit
  • Team: $69/user/month – all Premium features, plus create a team, administer user accounts, priority phone and email support, and more

3. Compete



Compete provides data-driven marketers with the right digital insights to drive business forward. With Compete PRO, you can discover new business and monitor online competition, plus benchmark your own performance to see how the data grows your business.

Key Features:

  • Best-in-class consumer behavior data
  • Determine which marketing strategies are most successful
  • Uncover untapped opportunities
  • Utilize the Compete PRO support team expert consultants


  • Intro: $249/month – basic reporting and benchmarking for 1 user, detailed traffic data, compare sites, unlimited reports, export functionality, phone support, on-demand training videos
  • Advanced: $649/month – advanced reporting, benchmarking, and deep research for 1 user, all Intro plan features, plus paid vs organic keywords, visitor demographics, incoming and outgoing traffic, and more
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – custom plans ideal for organizations, agencies, and PR firms

4. Optimizely


Optimizely’s mission is to make it easier for teams to “discover, create, and deliver the right experience for each customer.” As a single optimization platform for websites and mobile apps, Optimizely is a tool for data-driven marketers who want to deliver the best possible customer experience on the web and mobile apps.

Key Features:

  • Code-free visual editor
  • Best-in-class integrations
  • Generates real-time ROI
  • Targeted experiences for any audience
  • Fast, scalable, and secure


  • Starter: FREE – improve conversions, increase engagement, and drive revenue
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – create and deliver connected and targeted experiences for websites and mobile apps, customizable, world-class customer support

5. SimpleGraph


SimpleGraph is a handy tool for making graphs and tracking data quickly and easily, and for free. Data-driven marketing teams also quickly share graphs with SimpleGraph.

Key Features:

  • Create, edit, and share graphs of any metrics
  • Easy graphs without complicated spreadsheets
  • View, edit, and update graphs easily

Cost: FREE or contact to express interest in premium features

6. Ducksboard


The real-time dashboard for tracking business metrics and web services, Duckboard is a data-driven marketing tool that keeps all of your data in one place. Quick set-up and a seemingly endless list of integrations make Ducksboard a popular choice among data-driven marketers.

Key Features:

  • Simple set-up without any IT or credit card required
  • Powerful, well-documented API allows for high levels of customization
  • Monitors many different services plus your own data

Cost: FREE trial for 30 days available

  • Starter: $19/month – 1 dashboard, 1 month data retention, unlimited sharing
  • Professional: $49/month – 3 dashboards, 1 year data retention, unlimited sharing
  • Business: $159/month – 10 dashboards, 1 year data retention, unlimited sharing

7. Litmus


Data-driven marketers know the power of email, and Litmus knows how to optimize your email. With Litmus, you can test and track emails to send better looking and higher performing email.

Key Features:

  • Preview email campaigns across 30+ email clients and devices, plus get screenshots in minutes
  • Spam testing scans email before you send and provides scores and feedback for common ISP and corporate filters
  • See email client popularity, engagement, prints, forwards, and geolocation
  • Works with your existing email software like VerticalResponse, MailChimp, and others

Cost: FREE trail for 7 days available

  • Basic: $79/month or $790/year – email previews, builder, page testing, interactive testing, 2 users free
  • Plus: $149/month or $1490/year – all Basic plan features, plus spam filter tests and 500,000 tracking opens
  • Premium: $399/month or $3,990/year – all Plus plan features, plus 2 million tracking opens, and 10 users free
  • Unlimited Plan: Contact for a quote
  • API Access: Contact for a quote

8. SizeUp


SizeUp provides big data for small businesses, complete with competitive analysis, customer discovery, business intelligence, and more. SizeUp seeks to help data-driven marketers make smarter decisions.

Key Features:

  • Discover how you measure up to your industry competition
  • See locations of potential customers, suppliers, and competitors
  • Learn where to invest your budget

Cost: FREE

9. Convertable


Convertable helps data-driven marketers track and manage their web leads to get a true ROI measure of online marketing campaigns. With Convertable, you get real-time analytics, contact forms, and lead management in one platform.

Key Features:

  • Detailed analytics for every lead’s visit
  • Online dashboard updates lead status
  • Get more information from each contact form
  • Create the contact form, store submissions online, and compare marketing channels
  • Attach the actual traffic source to each customer

Cost: FREE

10. Market Smart360

MarketSmart 360

Market Smart360 helps companies determine their marketing score by accounting for Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, website visitors, and dozens of other data sets. Market Smart360 wants to make it possible for data-driven marketers to implement only those marketing solutions that get results.

Key Features:

  • Proprietary algorithm uses current marketing data from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more to calculate yours core in comparison to other national businesses
  • All marketing data organized in one dashboard
  • Website mobilization, review tracking, and local listings

Cost: Contact for a quote

11. MindFire Studio

MindFire Studio

MindFire Studio is marketing automation software for agencies and marketing service providers. This tool for data-driven marketers allows you to create nearly any marketing campaign you can imagine.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based marketing automation application
  • Visually create highly personalized marketing workflows
  • Orchestrate direct mail, email, and social media
  • Leverage triggers to automate drip-and-nurture sequences
  • Analyze performance with visual reporting and analytics

Cost: FREE trial and demo account available

  • Standard: $500/month annual contract/billed quarterly – $600/month/user up to 10,000 users, live online training, live phone support, 20,000/month email marketing, 250/month SMS marketing (outbound), and more
  • Professional: $1,000/month annual contract/billed quarterly – $1200/month/user up to 30,000 users, all Standard plan features, plus 60,000/month email marketing and 1,000/month SMS marketing (outbound)
  • Enterprise: $2,000/month annual contract/billed quarterly – $2400/month/user up to 80,000 users, all Professional plan features, plus 250,000/month email marketing and 2,000/month SMS marketing (outbound)

12. InsightSquared


Billed as #1 in Salesforce Analytics app for data-driven business executives and their teams, InsightSquared provides business analytics for data-driven marketers. Get the insights you need to win more deals and eliminate Excel exports.

Key Features:

  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Full suite of campaign and lead reports
  • Track lead generation over time
  • Identify most successful campaigns
  • Lead sources by booked deals


  • Basic: $65/user/month billed annually – 3-10 users, limit 5 scheduled analytics via email, limit 2 cross-object filtering, limit 1 big screen display mode, and more
  • Standard: $75/user/month billed annually – 3-100 users, unlimited scheduled analytics via email, unlimited cross-object filtering, unlimited big screen display mode, all Basic plan features, plus goal tracing, forecasting and visual snapshotting, and more
  • Enterprise: $95/user/month billed annually – any size team, all Standard plan features, plus custom data processing rules, custom access permissions, custom navigation, and more

13. Yesware


A tool that helps data-driven marketers work smarter, Yesware tracks emails and works right from Gmail or Outlook inboxes. Take the guessing out of email campaigns while working with the programs you already use.

Key Features:

  • Instantly see when email is opened
  • Know how to reach the right prospects at the right time
  • Close more deals, faster with real-time insights

Cost: FREE

14. FullContact


Data-driven marketers need to be able to access complete and current contact information in a hurry, and FullContact makes that possible. Keep your contact information clean and easily accessible across all of your address books with FullContact.

Key Features:

  • Sync contacts from all address books
  • Easily find, select, and merge duplicated contacts within your address books
  • Import business cards
  • APIs also available


  • Forever Free – 5,000 contacts, two-way sync with Google, clean up contacts, unify contacts from multiple sources, 10 free business card transcriptions, and more
  • Premium: $9.99/month – all Basic plan features, plus up to 25,000 contacts, real-time two-way sync with Google, daily contact updates, 50 business card transcriptions/month
    • $99.99 Annual Plan available with 1,000 business cards
  • API services also available for Person API, Card Reader API, and Disposable Email API – plans start at $99/month

15. SumAll


A social analytic tool for data-driven marketers, SumAll is completely free and connects data and provides insights. A comprehensive social media analytics and business dashboard, SumAll provides all of the data in one place.

Key Features:

  • In-depth reports and comprehensive monitoring tools and analytics for social media and e-commerce data
  • Data sent to your inbox with customized daily and weekly emails
  • Connect as many platforms as you want
  • Get your data on the go with the mobile app

Cost: FREE

16. Localytics


A leading analytics and marketing platform for mobile and web apps, Localytics is a top choice among data-driven marketers. Localytics app brings marketing and analytics together to gather deep insights that enable rich targeting.

Key Features:

  • Real-time engagement analysis
  • Funnel management
  • Segmentation
  • Acquisition management
  • In-app messaging
  • Push messaging

Cost: FREE trial available

  • Professional Analytics & Marketing:
    • <10,000 MAUs or 1M data pts: FREE
    • <25,000 MAUs or 1.5M data pts: $400/month
    • <50,000 MAUs or 3M data pts: $700/month
    • <100,000 MAUs or 6M data pts: $1,200/month
    • <200,000 MAUs or 12M data pts: $2,200/month
  • Enterprise Analytics & Marketing: from $3,400/month – world-class scalability and support

17. WordStream


WordStream makes online advertising easy and helps data-driven marketers convert leads. Save time and money analyzing and optimizing online campaigns with WordStream.

Key Features:

  • AdWords Performance Grader
  • WordStream Advisor
  • Optimize the money spent on paid search
  • Expert account management helps with search marketing campaigns


  • Small Business: $249/month – search spend up to $10,000/month
  • Professional: $399/month – search spend up to $10,000-$25,000/month
  • Enterprise: $799/month – search spend up to above $25,000/month
  • Agencies: Contact for a quote

18. CAKE


CAKE’s Marketing Intelligence hub is a complete solution for data-driven marketers who want to track and optimize the amount spent for online advertisers and publishers. Enhance your digital marketing spending in real-time with CAKE.

Key Features:

  • Track and act in real time
  • Clearly see how to attribute conversions and identify top-performing marketing channels and campaigns
  • Minimize risk and optimize marketing budgets with data-driven marketing insights

Cost: Contact for a quote

19. Knoema


Knoema offers public data and visualizations so you have all of the statistics and knowledge at your fingertips to make smarter decisions. With Knoema data solutions for business, data-driven marketers get a data portal with specialized, private data as part of the paid service.

Key Features:

  • Get data, statistics, and visualizations quickly
  • Build your own data visualizations
  • Share work online or put it into Excel or PowerPoint
  • Easily create your own data portal with no IT necessary

Cost: Contact for a quote

20. SocialPandas


SocialPandas helps data-driven marketers leverage social networks to increase revenue. SocialPandas is ideal for B2B companies looking to reach prospects and win deals.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, flexible software
  • Enterprise-grade
  • Consumer-inspired interface

Cost: Contact for a quote

21. Sidekick


Sidekick offers integrated email tools for data-driven marketers and provides powerful contact insight in your inbox. With its email profiles, email tracking and email scheduling features, Sidekick helps marketers build and strengthen relationships with clients.

Key Features:

  • See a contact’s professional history, residence information, mutual contacts, email history, and more
  • Get live notifications of every open or click on one of your emails
  • Schedule emails to be sent in the future
  • Third-party app compatibility includes HubSpot and
  • Email compatibility includes Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail


  • FREE – unlimited email profiles, 200 email open/click notifications per month, and email scheduling coming soon
  • Power User: $10/user/month – unlimited email profiles, unlimited email open/click notifications per month, and email scheduling coming soon
  • Sales Teams – Contact for a quote

22. Popcorn Metrics

Popcorn Metrics

With Popcorn Metrics, data-driven marketers have the ability to point-and-click to track and send customer data to all of your marketing and analytics tools. The easy-to-use visual editor makes it easy for anyone to tag your website without the need for code or IT help.

Key Features:

  • Select what to tag directly on your website and send data to Google Analytics events, mixpanel, KISSmetrics, and others
  • Start tracking user actions, forms and search data within 15 minutes
  • Automatically generates code and hosts it in the cloud using Amazon Cloudfront technology

Cost: FREE trial for 14 days available

  • Startup: $49/month – 500,000 events/month, 1 domain, all integrations
  • Business: $99/month – 2,000,000 events/month, 3 domains, all integrations
  • Freelancer: $149/month – 5,000,000 events/month, 8 domains, all integrations
  • Agency: $499/month – 20,000,000 events/month, 100 domains, all integrations
  • High Volume Enterprise – Contact for a quote

23. Kochava


Mobile advertisers use Kochava as their data-driven marketing tool to get real-time visualizations of campaigns and user data. Kochava provides user data from the initial launch to lifetime value reporting, and everything in-between.

Key Features:

  • More than 900 official network and publisher integrations
  • Real-time measurement, attribution, analytics, and optimization
  • Accounts include dedicated account managers with expertise in Kochava technology and the mobile ecosystem
  • Guaranteed 99.98% uptime
  • Supports all major mobile platforms

Cost: Contact for a quote

24. Spark Page

Spark Page

Spark Page is a tool tailored to data-driven marketers that understand measuring results is the most important part of optimization. Known for “onboarding campaigns for growth hackers,” Spark Page makes mobile marketing easy by helping marketers build a message workflow designed to welcome and convert new users into lifelong customers.

Key Features:

  • Automate, test, and optimize
  • Test subject lines, copy, images, and calls to action
  • Simple integration across every channel

Cost: Contact for a quote

25. Meltwater


Meltwater is a data-driven marketing tool that provides online insights that drive growth. Meltwater’s online intelligence platform works to provide marketers with accurate, timely insights to gain a deeper understanding of the markets, engage with customers, and conquer the social business world.

Key Features:

  • Online intelligence platform analyzes billions of digital documents daily
  • Drive growth through a deeper, more objective understanding of customers, markets, and social business communities
  • Draft better strategies and capture hidden opportunities through stronger relationships

Cost: Contact for a quote

26. Upsight


Upsight, a data-driven marketing tool for mobile and web developers, is an enterprise-grade analytics and marketing platform. With Upsight, data-driven marketers get enterprise-grade analytics and unlimited data storage to increase revenue.

Key Features:

  • Define, annotate, and track any custom event
  • Intuitive in-app and out-of-app tools that optimize user acquisition, engagement, retention, and revenue
  • Create powerful, targeted in-app campaigns
  • 13 targeting variables


  • Free Edition: FREE – Powerful analytics and marketing tools for mobile apps, unlimited apps with custom events for up to 50,000 monthly active users, customizable metrics dashboards plus analysis tools, unlimited in-app messaging and 250,000 push notifications, and more
  • Enterprise Edition: Contact for a quote – Sophisticated analytics and marketing tools with dedicated support, custom-designed packages by monthly active user or feature, completely managed cloud-based data collection, storage, processing, and Data Mine for querying your data, unlimited in-app messaging, push notifications, and more

27. Artisan


Artisan maximizes mobile engagement to help data-driven marketers “create happier more valuable users with mobile marketing automation.” Artisan makes it easier to keep users.

Key Features:

  • The top mobile experience management platform
  • Real-time reporting
  • Event tagging
  • Auto-event collection
  • Retention reporting
  • Funnels and goals
  • People and segments
  • Rich in-app messages
  • Omni-Channel enabled

Cost: All subscriptions require an annual contract

  • Free: FREE – 0-10,000 mostly active users
  • Base: $500/month – 10,001-25,000 mostly active users
  • Standard: $2,500/month – 25,001-250,000 monthly active users
  • Professional: $6,000/month – 250,001-1,000,000 monthly active users
  • Premier: $10,000/month – 1,000,001-5,000,000 monthly active users

28. Autosend


Autosend, the data-driven marketing tool that messages users based on their behavior in your app, looks to convert trial users into paid users and inactive users into engaged users. Autosend works through trigger-based emails, SMS, and push notifications to both web and mobile app users.

Key Features:

  • Targeted, behavior-driven lifecycle messaging
  • Schedule messages to reach users at different times during their lifecycle
  • Automatically engage new trial users before they become inactive
  • Track every communication with users
  • A/B testing and analytics
  • Pinpoint and segment with easy dropdown filters

Cost: Contact for a quote

29. Unbounce


Unbounce is a data-driven marketing tool that focuses on landing page optimization. With Unbound, data-driven marketers can build, publish, and A/B tests landing pages without involving IT.

Key Features:

  • Build mobile responsive landing pages in hours
  • Use landing page templates for any campaign
  • Connect to marketing tools you already use
  • Collaborate with your team and clients

Cost: FREE trial for 30 days available

  • Starter for new businesses and entrepreneurs: $49/month – 5,000 unique visitors/month, unlimited landing pages, 1 custom domain
  • Pro 99 for consultants and small businesses: $99/month – 25,000 unique visitors/month, unlimited landing pages, 1 custom domain
  • Pro 199 for agencies and marketing teams: starts at $199/month – 100,000+ unique visitors/month, unlimited landing pages, 5 custom domains

30. TrackMaven


TrackMaven, a data-driven marketing tool for digital marketers, provides competitive intelligence. With TrackMaven, you can increase your marketing effectiveness by identifying marketing opportunities, optimizing, content distribution, and more.

Key Features:

  • Find trending content in specific channels or market segments
  • Use custom benchmarks and best practices to know which market and channels to put your content into at the right time and frequency
  • Track real-time progress
  • Monitor share of engagement and content performance relative to competition over time

Cost: Contact for a quote

31. Rapportive


A data-driven marketing tool that shows contacts’ LinkedIn profiles right inside Gmail, Rapportive gives you everything you need to know about a contact inside your inbox. Once you know your contact, you can take more informed actions to establish a relationship and grow your network and business.

Key Features:

  • Replaces Gmail ads with helpful information
  • See contacts’ pictures and locations
  • Learn about contacts’ jobs, companies, and other profile information
  • Determine shared connections to grow your network and mention shared interests and connections

Cost: FREE add-on for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

32. Turn


Turn is a data-driven marketing platform that helps marketers make smarter decisions to better execute cross-channel campaigns with an “audience-first” approach. With Turn, data-driven marketers get comprehensive planning, precise media execution, and powerful analytics.

Key Features:

  • Reach customers on the right channels where and when it matters most
  • Fully-integrated solution for digital marketers
  • Use audience insights to guide your creative and media strategy to foster meaningful connections with your audience
  • Target and engage audiences at scale across multiple channels, with real-time responsiveness

Cost: Contact for a quote

33. Tynt


With Tynt and RevCTRL, data-driven marketers can access intent signals and add incremental revenue to websites. This data-driven marketing tool helps marketers understand the audience’s intent in real-time and then effectively boost site traffic and brand reach while enhancing user engagement.

Key Features:

  • Generate incremental ad revenue to supplement existing revenue sources
  • Monetize direct-nav traffic more efficiently
  • Leverage underutilized social traffic sources such as email and instant messaging

Cost: Contact for a quote

34. Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a data-driven marketing tool that gives digital marketers the ability to create and update tags any time. Use Google Tag Manager for your website and mobile apps to keep up with today’s global marketplace.

Key Features:

  • Manage tags and configure mobile apps yourself with the easy-to-use interface
  • User permissions, automated error checking, and a Debug Console
  • Supports mobile websites and native mobile apps
  • Reconfigure your app tracking after a user downloads Google Tag Manager and eliminate release cycles
  • Verify new tags before you publish them

Cost: FREE

35. Cision


Cision is a tool for data-driven marketers who want to plan, execute, and measure influencer-oriented campaigns. Cision’s PR & Marketing Dashboard makes it possible to connect with your targeted audience and measure campaign success while getting feedback about your brand.

Key Features:

  • Put the database of more than one million contacts, outlets, and editorial calendars to discover the social influencers who can tell your story
  • Reach readers where they already are engaged
  • Comprehensive media monitoring
  • Determine which messages and channels are most effective

Cost: Contact for a quote

36. Databoard


Sometimes, the best data-driven marketing makes use of completed research studies, and that is exactly what Databoard does for data-driven marketers. With Databoard, you explore insights from Google research studies to create your own custom infographics.

Key Features:

  • Digital impact on in-store shopping
  • Understanding local consumers’ local search behavior
  • YouTube Insights
  • Mobile search moments

Cost: FREE

37. Lyris


A tool for data-driven digital marketers, Lyris simplifies the process of designing, automating, and optimizing data-driven campaigns. Lyris offers on-premise and in-the-cloud solutions that lead to increased ROI.

Key Features:

  • Automate enterprise-scale email and digital messaging programs
  • Deliver real-time messages to targeted audiences
  • Get real-time insights
  • Extend and integrate customer communications across all channels

Cost: FREE

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