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Top Customer Retention Blogs: 51 Must-Read Blogs for the Latest Customer Retention Strategies and Tactics

Of course, keeping customers happy so they keep coming back for more products or services is a critical component of business success. Organizations implement customer retention programs to retain as many customers as possible and to make the entire customer journey a positive one. In fact, focusing on customer retention is less costly than focusing on customer acquisition because companies more easily sell to customers with whom they already have a relationship as opposed to spending time and resources attracting and converting new customers. Studies show that increasing customer retention by a mere 5% can lead to a 25% – 95% increase in profits and the odds of converting an existing customer to a repeat customer are at 60% – 70%, while the likelihood of converting a new lead only is 5% – 20%.

If your company is looking for customer retention strategies and techniques, or suggestions for customer retention software systems and customer experience management solutions, customer retention blogs are a good place to start your search. We have rounded up 51 of the top blogs from customer retention authorities and thought leaders who share their strategies, techniques, and insights into keeping customers coming back and remaining loyal to your company. Please note, it would be impossible to rank these blogs because they all share such helpful information, so we have listed them here in alphabetical order.

1. 1to1 Media – Customer Retention


1to1 Media delivers content for the customer experience economy. Their blog contains a customer retention category that includes posts pertaining to customer loyalty, customer retention techniques, in-depth features, and customer retention stories to help readers understand “how to successfully boost customer retention by implementing high standards of customer service.”

Three key posts we like from 1to1 Media – Customer Retention:

2. 500friends


A full-suite loyalty solution provider, 500friends helps brands identify, engage, and maximize the profitability of their customers. Their blog features loyalty trends and best practices and includes categories such as customer engagement, customer experience, customer lifetime value, and personalization.

Three key posts we like from 500friends:

3. The Access Loyalty Blog

The Access Loyalty Blog

Access Loyalty, America’s largest savings and rewards network, helps organizations build loyalty, generate revenue, and engage customers. The Access Loyalty Blog centers on customer loyalty and shares posts about becoming customer-centric, engaging customers, and making customer experience a priority.

Three key posts we like from The Access Loyalty Blog:

4. Bain & Company – Insights Loyalty

Bain and Company

Bain & Company serves global clients on strategy, operations, technology, organizations, and mergers and acquisitions. Their Loyalty Insights series covers customer feedback, customer advocacy, the Net Promoter System, customer loyalty, and more.

Three key posts we like from Bain & Company – Insights Loyalty:

5. The BigDoor Blog

Big Door

The BigDoor is a loyalty platform that helps brands connect with consumers in fun ways. Their customer retention blog features posts on loyalty programs, customer journey, customer communications, and more.

Three key posts we like from The BigDoor Blog:

6. Bond Brand Loyalty Blog

Bond Brand Loyalty Blog

Bond Brand Loyalty, formerly Maritz Canada and Maritz Loyalty Marketing, is a leader in building brand loyalty for the most influential and valuable brands. Recognized by Forrester Research, Gartner, and Loyalty 360 as a market leader, Bond Brand Loyalty shares customer retention posts in their blog that cover such topics as loyalty programs, loyalty reports, and customer experience.

Three key posts we like from Bond Brand Loyalty Blog:

7. Buljan & Partners – Customer-Centric Management Blog

Buljan and Partners

Buljan & Partners Consulting is an international consultancy specializing in customer-centric management and customer experience. Their customer-centric management blog covers customer expectations, customer experience, customer relationship management, engagement, and other topics relating to customer retention.

Three key posts we like from Buljan & Parnters – Customer-Centric Management Blog:

8. Chief Marketing Officer – Retention

Chief Marketing Officer

Sharing digital marketing insights, expertise, and inspiration for and by marketing leaders, is a robust resource for customer retention tips, news, and views. In fact, contains more than 300 posts relating to customer retention.

Three key posts we like from Chief Marketing Officer – Retention:

9. Chip Bell

Chip Bell

Keynote speaker, business consultant, and author Chip Bell shares his customer service expertise, insight, and experience in his self-titled blog. Bell seamlessly ties customer service to customer retention and guides readers through the connection between the two in his posts.

Three key posts we like from Chip Bell:

10. WebEngage’s Monk blog

WebEngage's Monk blog

WebEngage’s Monk blog has a vast collection of customer retention and marketing articles, case studies, eBooks, in-depth reports, and guides. The Monk blog is a top source for getting the latest information, trends, and expert insight on all things customer engagement and marketing.

Three key posts we like from WebEngage’s Monk blog:

11. Client Heartbeat

Client Heartbeat

Client Heartbeat is a simple customer feedback tool for surveying customers, measuring satisfaction, and identifying those that are happy and unhappy. The Client Heartbeat blog is a top source for customer retention because it includes posts that focus on customer experience, feedback, loyalty, satisfaction, and service.

Three key posts we like from Client Heartbeat:

12. Constant Contact Blog

Constant Contact Blog

Constant Contact enables small businesses and nonprofits to grow and succeed via email marketing. Their blog is a great resource for all things relating to customers, but it includes especially insightful posts concerning customer retention.

Three key posts we like from Constant Contact Blog:

13. Consumerist


Consumerist is an independent source of consumer news and information published by Consumer Media LLC. Because Consumerist is for consumers, it presents marketing and business topics from a different point of view than most other customer retention blogs. The Consumerist blog also helps companies and marketers understand why certain initiatives and strategies fail to promote loyalty and retention; at the very least, the blog posts remind companies that customers should be at the center of their efforts.

Three key posts we like from Consumerist:

14. Conversocial


A leading provider of cloud-based social customer service solutions, Conversocial helps companies serve their social customers. Because Conversocial puts customers at the center of their work, their posts are helpful for marketing professionals working toward improving customer retention.

Three key posts we like from Conversocial:

15. Customer Insight Group Loyalty Blog

Customer Insight Group Loyalty Blog

The Customer Insight Group has more than 25 years of experience in building profitable relationships. With a focus on social media marketing and loyalty marketing, they build stronger brands and gain dedicated customers for clients. Customer Insight Group’s Loyalty Blog delivers “fresh ideas for building profitable customer relationships” and covers categories such as customer relationship management and customer experience.

Three key posts we like from Customer Insight Group Loyalty Blog:

16. Customers That Stick

Customers That Stick

Adam Toporek delivers customer service keynotes and workshops. He’s also the man behind Customers That Stick, a customer retention blog that shares customer service tips and techniques that are sure to foster loyalty.

Three key posts we like from Customers That Stick:

17. Digital Spark Marketing Blog

Digital Spark Marketing Blog

Mike Schoultz is a digital marketer, blogger, and social media enthusiast who shares his marketing know-how and customer retention insights at Digital Spark Marketing. The blog covers categories such as customer experience, customer engagement, and customer service and offers customer retention strategies for readers.

Three key posts we like from Digital Spark Marketing Blog:


Dlvrit helps companies and marketers conquer social media quickly and easily. Their blog offers “smart tips to help your business grow” and is a great resource for customer retention because the posts include tips and strategies for increasing customer retention, keeping customers’ attention, and using social media to maintain relationships with customers.

Three key posts we like from

19. Entrepreneur – Customer Retention


Entrepreneur is a resource that has been inspiring, informing, and celebrating entrepreneurs for more than 40 years. Their customer retention posts are written by experts and authorities who share their insights and expertise in fostering loyalty, using successful retention and loyalty programs, and more.

Three key posts we like from Entrepreneur – Customer Retention:

20. Forbes – Customer Retention


A leading resource for the world’s business leaders, Forbes covers the topics that matter most to business success. Their customer retention articles include studies, tips, and strategies for serving customers well and keeping them happy.

Three key posts we like from Forbes – Customer Retention:

21. Forrester – Customer Loyalty


Forrester helps business and technology leaders develop customer-obsessed strategies to drive growth. Their blog posts on customer loyalty are written by data insights professionals, customer experience professionals, and marketing professionals and share tips and strategies for increasing customer retention.

Three key posts we like from Forrester – Customer Loyalty:

22. Genroe


Genroe provides practical customer feedback, customer experience management, and customer loyalty management to help companies better understand and gain more value from existing customers. Their blog posts contain information, analysis, and insights on strategies for improving customer retention.

Three key posts we like from Genroe:

23. Groove HQ

Groove HQ

Groove provides simple held desk software for small businesses. As a company that has dedicated itself to helping teams deliver personal customer support, Groove understands how important it is to delight customers and provide personal support that results in loyal customers. That’s why their blog is such a useful customer retention resource.

Three key posts we like from Groove HQ:

24. H2insight


H2insight focuses on customer retention, appointment setting, telemarketing, and surveys to help teams become a leader in customer satisfaction. Proactive customer engagement is a hallmark of H2insight, and because they understand the value of customer relationships, their blog is a top source of customer retention information.

Three key posts we like from H2insight:

25. Help Scout

Help Scout

Help Scout is a leading customer support software, and they share their customer loyalty expertise ands strategies in their blog. Posts cover customer conversations, customer service, and customer success, among other topics of interest to marketers and executives looking to increase customer retention rates.

Three key posts we like from Help Scout:

26. – Customer Retention

Inc shares “everything you need to know to start and grow your business now.” Their customer retention posts are written by contributing professionals and include practical tips, metrics advice, and other information to help companies keep their customers.

Three key posts we like from – Customer Retention:

27. Kobie


Kobie is a leading loyalty service provider that specializes in strategy, technology, and program management. The Kobie blog is dedicated to “sharing fresh ideas, best practices, and recent trends in loyalty, CRM, and customer experience,” and their customer experience and engagement posts share especially helpful customer retention tips.

Three key posts we like from Kobie:

28. LiveOps Blog – Customer Retention

LiveOps Blog

LiveOps offers a premier virtual contact center in the cloud and is on a mission to help companies serve and delight customers. The LiveOps Blog features customer retention in several of their posts and reminds readers that customer service plays a critical role in customer retention.

Three key posts we like from LiveOps Blog – Customer Retention:

29. Loyalty 360 – Loyalty News

Loyalty 360

Loyalty 360 is an association focused on customer, channel, employee, and brand loyalty engagement, customer experience management, and customer relationship management. They report on news and trends relating to customer loyalty, customer retention, and more in their articles and blogs, which also feature strategies and techniques for keeping customers.

Three key posts we like from Loyalty 360 – Loyalty News:

30. Loyalty Truth

Loyalty Truth

Loyalty Truth, a unique source of unbiased insights on customer strategy and loyalty marketing, is dedicated to customer-centric marketing. As such, they understand the value of customer retention and share blog posts relating to customer experience, engagement, and loyalty.

Three key posts we like from Loyalty Truth:

31. MarketCulture Blog

MarketCulture Blog

MarketCulture works to help leaders create customer cultures. Their blog focuses on using those cultures to gain a competitive edge and shares “strategies for creating and maintaining a market-driven culture within your business.” With posts on customer centricity, customer insights, and a culture that centers on customers, MarketCulture Blog is a useful resource for individuals and companies looking to increase customer retention rates.

Three key posts we like from MarketCulture Blog:

32. MarketingProfs – Customer-Centric


MarketingProfs helps marketers and organizations with resources from experts. Their customer-centric posts feature customer experience and customer journey strategies and tips that are helpful for companies looking to improve customer retention.

Three key posts we like from MarketingProfs – Customer-Centric:

33. Marketing Wizdom

Marketing Wizdom

Marketing Wizdom is on a mission to help established businesses grow and outperform competitors. They believe in building business through word of mouth, and their blog posts focus on reputation sales, customer loyalty, and customer retention.

Three key posts we like from Marketing Wizdom:

34. Medallia CEM Blog

Medallia CEM Blog

Medallia centers on customer experience, and their customer experience management blog imparts all of their knowledge and expertise to readers. For marketers and organizations looking to implement customer retention strategies, the Medallia CEM blog is a good place to start because it features posts on customer experience, customer loyalty, and customer centricity.

Three key posts we like from Medallia CEM Blog:

35. Mention


Mention monitors media and sends alerts for your name, brand, or competitors in real time. Mention understands the influence of customers on brands, and their blog features posts relating to delighting customers, fostering customer loyalty, and other topics of importance to customer retention.

Three key posts we like from Mention:

36. OPEN Forum – Customer Retention

OPEN Forum

American Express OPEN Forum is a premier resource for insights and information on building brands and businesses. With articles from industry experts and marketing leaders, OPEN Forum is a customer retention resource with articles covering customer loyalty, customer feedback, customer service, and more.

Three key posts we like from OPEN Forum – Customer Retention:

37. PassKit


PassKit helps businesses “propel customer engagement, increase revenue, and stimulate loyalty by leveraging native mobile wallet applications and beacon technology.” Their customer retention blog focuses on connecting customers and driving engagement via technology.

Three key posts we like from PassKit:

38. Peppers & Rogers Group – Strategy Speaks

Peppers and Rogers Group

Peppers & Rogers Group, a management consulting firm, focuses on customer experience strategy and operations. Strategy Speaks is the Peppers & Rogers blog that focuses on customer retention, loyalty, and experience and shares case studies and tips for keeping customers.

Three key posts we like from Peppers & Rogers Group – Strategy Speaks:

39. Blog

Publcom Blog delivers ready mobile apps for fast delivery of content. Because they deal with diminished attention spans and the finicky nature of mobile users, understands the need for customer retention, and their blog shares tips and strategies to help readers increase their own customer retention rates.

Three key posts we like from Blog:

40. Pulse Marketing Agency Blog

Pulse Marketing Agency Blog

Pulse Marketing helps organizations reach their marketing goals and offers several services for doing so. They work closely with their customers and want to be part of their success, and they understand that other companies want to do the same for their customers. That’s why their blog has a strong bent toward customer retention, offering strategies and insights for readers who want to know more about pleasing and keeping the customers they already have.

Three key posts we like from Pulse Marketing Agency Blog:

41. ReachLocal – Customer Retention


ReachLocal helps local businesses gain more customers online through their total digital marketing system. The ReachLocal Blog shares tips for boosting customer loyalty, improving the customer experience, and retaining customers.

Three key posts we like from ReachLocal – Customer Retention:

42. RevEngine Insider

RevEngine Insider

Under the leadership of Marketo Champion Elite and certified expert Jeff Coveney, RevEngine Insider is loaded with posts detailing customer retention strategies, sharing tips for building customer loyalty, and improving the customer experience.

Three key posts we like from RevEngine Insider:

43. Salesforce – Customer Service


Salesforce puts customers at the center of all that they do, and they work to make it easier for organizations to connect with their customers. It only stands to reason, then, that their blog is a top source for customer service tips, strategies, and insights that are beneficial to companies looking to improve their customer retention rates.

Three key posts we like from Salesforce – Customer Service:

44. Smart Insights

Smart Insights

A leader in digital marketing strategy, Smart Insights works to help marketers and organizations get the most out of integrated digital marketing and capitalize on opportunities. Their actionable marketing advice is top notch, making their customer retention posts some of the most valuable online.

Three key posts we like from Smart Insights:

45. Snap Surveys Blog

Snap Surveys

Snap Surveys offers complete survey software and services for design, administration, data collection, analysis, and reporting of online surveys, mobile surveys, and paper surveys. They help companies gain better insights to make more informed decisions, and their blog shares insights into customer feedback and satisfaction. Snap Surveys Blog’s customer feedback posts are especially useful to individuals and organizations looking to increase customer retention.

Three key posts we like from Snap Surveys Blog:

46. Social Triggers

Social Triggers

Social Triggers, founded by expert marketer and entrepreneur Derek Halpern, reaches more than 400,000 entrepreneurs each month. Halpern understands how to use data-driven marketing and content marketing to get traffic, attract customers, and more importantly, retain customers, and he shares his expertise in his Social Trigger blog posts.

Three key posts we like from Social Triggers:

47. SuperOffice


An award-winning software for sales and marketing and customer service, SuperOffice assists organizations with CRM, mobile CRM, and more. Their CRM Blog is a robust resource that includes useful tips and strategies for retaining customers via exceptional customer service, effective marketing strategies, and customer engagement techniques.

Three key posts we like from SuperOffice:

48. SurveyMethods

SurveyMethods helps organizations create, deploy, and analyze online surveys in order to gain valuable insight into their business in a short amount of time. The team behind SurveyMethods knows the value of customer satisfaction and feedback, so their blog is a valuable customer retention resource.

Three key posts we like from SurveyMethods:

49. Thanx


Thanx is dedicated to making loyalty and retention marketing effortless for organizations and consumers. Their customer retention and loyalty blog shares best practices for organizations looking to increase revenue from existing customers and to improve customer satisfaction.

Three key posts we like from Thanx:

50. TimeTrade – Customer Retention

Timetrade Blog

TimeTrade creates “conversations that drive business” with their SaaS-based customer engagement cloud that helps businesses deliver personalized service. Their blog features several customer retention posts, covering topics from loyalty to customer satisfaction.

Three key posts we like from TimeTrade – Customer Retention:

51. Total Customer

Total Customer

Total Customer delivers strategy, innovation, and ROI for marketing and CRM professionals looking to grow their businesses via data and customer loyalty. Of course, their blog centers on the customer and offers insights and tips into personalization, building loyalty, customer analytics, customer advocacy, and other topics of importance to customer retention.

Three key posts we like from Total Customer: