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The 50 Best Blogs on Building Customer Relationships and Creating Remarkable Experiences for Your Customers

Managing your customer relationships is a key function for any business. Without a solid framework for effective customer relationship management, service delivery lacks consistency and valuable relationships may suffer. That’s why developing your company’s customer relationship management strategy is a top priority.

Even still, the best companies run into customer relationship challenges from time to time. How to cope with challenging customers? How to manage customer contacts when your sales cycle involves multiple touch points – and contact with multiple team members? With digital media making it possible for consumers to engage with brands across a multitude of channels, companies are faced with increasing challenges in maintaining consistency and streamlining the process of monitoring and managing customer relationships.

We’ve searched the far corners of the web to identify the best, most comprehensive, and most valuable blogs on customer relationships and customer management to put best practices and valuable insights from thought leaders at your fingertips.

Please note, we have listed the following 50 customer relationship and customer management blogs in no particular order. 

1. InsideCRM


An industry leader in research and information for sales and marketing professionals, Inside CRM is a must-read blog for marketing professionals who want to stay abreast of the latest news impacting customer relationship management, access credible industry research, and get advice from thought leaders on best practices in customer relationship management.

Three posts we like from InsideCRM: 

2. CRMSearch


A CRM community forum, CRMSearch “provides advocacy journalism, remarkable content, balanced reporting, and community facilitation.” With content spanning a variety of categories, including CRM, sales, marketing, call centers, and more, CRMSearch is a go-to resource for learning about the latest insights impacting customer relationship management.

Three posts we like from CRMSearch:

3. Constellation Research


A Silicon Valley-based research firm, Constellation Research aims to help early adopters harness the power of emerging, disruptive technologies. The Constellation Research blog offers insights from a multitude of contributors who provide in-depth information and analysis on the latest sales and marketing technologies, including, of course, customer relationship management tactics and solutions.

Three posts we like from Constellation Research: 

4. Graham Hill at CustomerThink


CustomerThink is all about the customer, but we find Graham Hill’s contributions to this blog particularly relevant to the customer relationship management conversation. Hill works in service innovation, marketing operations, and loyalty management with companies like Optima Partners and Nyras Capital. His contributions to CustomerThink reflect his own views, but offer valuable insights to readers seeking to improve their customer relationships.

Three posts we like from Graham Hill at CustomerThink: 

5. Salesforce – Customer Service


Salesforce is a leading, all-in-one customer relationship management solution used by many of today’s leading enterprises. The Salesforce blog, naturally, is heavily focused on customer relationship management and offers value throughout. But we’d like to call your attention specifically to the Customer Service section, which is chock-full of informative advice and tips for improving customer service delivery and better managing your customer relationships in the ever-competitive environment that exists in many industries today.

Three posts we like from Salesforce – Customer Service: 

6. Mitch Lieberman


A technology leader and mentor, Mitch Lieberman aims to “bridge the gap between business and technology to drive business value through technological advances.” Lieberman identifies key focus areas as customer experience, customer service, and customer relationships, all topics which he addresses in detail on his blog. While it’s not updated as frequently as some, Lieberman’s blog is an engaging and insightful read into the inner-workings of his mind as it relates to the impact of technology on customer relationships and business as a whole in the modern climate.

Three posts we like from Mitch Lieberman:

7. The CRM Blog from Software Advice


A trusted resource for software buyers, Software Advice helps companies navigate the complex maze of software solutions to streamline business processes through detailed reviews and research on thousands of software applications. As such, the Software Advice team has in-depth knowledge of many of the CRM software solutions on the market today, and The CRM Blog from Software Advice provides tips and tactics for improving the customer experience and getting the most from your software solutions.

Three posts we like from The CRM Blog from Software Advice: 

8. SuperOffice Blog


SuperOffice is a customer relationship management software application supporting all your business processes, including sales, marketing, and customer service. The SuperOffice Blog is a plethora of information on customer service and customer relationships, including valuable tools, infographics, customer service hacks, insights on using your data to improve the customer experience, and much more.

Three posts we like from SuperOffice Blog: 

9. thinkJar


Esteban Kolsky is a customer strategist, thinker, and researcher, to name a few of his talents. Kolsky offers advice to businesses of all sizes on how to approach their customer initiatives successfully. His blog, thinkJar, is a collection of the knowledge he’s gained through his work as well as insights and perspectives on industry news.

Three posts we like from thinkJar: 

10. Tribridge – CRM


A technology services firm specializing in business applications and cloud solutions, Tribridge is on the cutting edge of modern business. The company’s blog is a wealth of information for professionals, spanning a slew of topics ranging from Big Data and cloud computing to CRM and human capital management. The CRM category alone features dozens of articles with real-world insights and advice on getting the most from your CRM, reviews of leading CRM applications, and strategies for maximizing the customer-facing functions of your business.

Three posts we like from Tribridge – CRM: 

11. Destination CRM Blog


DestinationCRM aims to become the leading resource on information, products, and services relevant to the CRM user marketplace. With the latest industry news and insights on the world’s leading enterprises and how they approach customer service and customer relationship management, along with tips and tools of the trade, Destination CRM is a must-read blog for business leaders seeking to develop customer-centric initiatives.

Three posts we like from Destination CRM Blog:

12. CRM Software Blog


A panel of Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts offer their reviews, insights, and opinions to help marketers select the perfect CRM at the CRM Software Blog. From research and software selection tips to marketing automation and a plethora of tips for using Microsoft Dynamics CRM across a multitude of industries, CRM Software Blog is a worthy read if you’re considering the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Three posts we like from CRM Software Blog: 

13. In a Nutshell


Nutshell aims to provide a CRM that users will actually enjoy using. The company’s blog, In a Nutshell, encompasses all things sales, marketing, and design, which includes feature updates, tips for using Nutshell to its fullest potential, and plenty of tips and strategies for maximizing your customer relationships.

Three posts we like from In a Nutshell: 

14. The CRM Consultant


Richard Boardman is an independent CRM consultant and founder of the U.K.-based independent CRM consulting firm, Mareeba. At his blog, The CRM Consultant, Boardman shares his expertise on implementing CRM systems, gaining company-wide adoption, and a slew of project management tips for CRM projects.

Three posts we like from The CRM Consultant: 

15. Think Customers Blog


The Think Customers Blog is brought to you by 1to1 Media, a division of management consulting firm Peppers & Rogers Group. 1to1 Media is a multimedia resource for CRM and customer experience professionals, and the Think Customers Blog is a plethora of insights on developing solid customer relationships, customer service news, marketing automation, and digital marketing.

Three posts we like from Think Customers Blog: 

16. Wim Rampen’s Blog


Wim Rampen is a customer experience and marketing strategist, change agent, service design expert, and thought leader in the customer relationship management space. His blog focuses on customer and brand strategy, offering tips for mapping the customer journey, measurement, Big Data, marketing, and more.

Three posts we like from Wim Rampen’s Blog: 

17. Social CRM: The Conversation


Paul Greenberg authors the Social CRM: The Conversation blog at ZDNet. A consultant, speaker, and author, Greenberg also heads up the customer strategy consulting firm The 56 Group, LLC. Greenberg offers coverage on all the leading industry events, the latest buzz in the industry, and tips for getting your customer relationships right.

Three posts we like from Social CRM: The Conversation: 

18. Michael Maoz’s Gartner Blog


A research Vice President and distinguished analyst at Gartner, Michael Maoz’s research focuses on CRM and customer-centric web strategies. Gartner is a leading source of independent research and unbiased information on marketing and technology, making Maoz’s blog a must-read for any marketing professional desiring to stay abreast of the latest technologies in the field.

Three posts we like from Michael Maoz’s Gartner Blog: 

19. CRMChump


Jimmy Jacques is a senior sales person by trade and an advocate of business strategies and software technology. From productivity solutions to social CRM tools and lead management systems, Jacques enjoys learning about and sharing new ways for businesses to capitalize on technology to foster better customer relationships and achieve results.

Three posts we like from CRMChump: 

20. Beagle Research


Denis Pombriant has been an award-winning blogger, a CRM and social CRM analyst, researcher, writer, and speaker since 2000. His company, Beagle Research Group, LLC, is a CRM analyst firm which was founded in 2004. The company’s blog offers analysis on today’s most pressing industry topics, as well as emerging trends, and advice for CRM selection, deployment, and use.

Three posts we like from Beagle Research:

21. Value Creator


Brian Vellmure is “connecting dots, distributing intelligence, and driving change at intersection of growth, customers, and emerging tech,” according to his Twitter bio. An executive and consultant who helps B2B and B2C companies “accelerate growth through customer focused transformation initiatives,” Vellmure shares many of his insights and findings from his work at his blog, Value Creator. One of the leading thought leaders in the field, Vellmure’s perspectives are not to be missed.

Three posts we like from Value Creator: 

22. Enterprise Irregulars


Enterprise Irregulars is a “diverse group of practitioners, consultants, investors, journalists, analysts, bloggers passionate about technology and its application to business.” As such, you’ll find perspectives from a variety of thought leaders in marketing, technology, and related fields on the Enterprise Irregulars blog, including the likes of Paul Greenberg and Denis Pombriant, whose own blogs are also highlighted in this list.

Three posts we like from Enterprise Irregulars: 

23. R. Ray Wang


R. Ray Wang is the Principal Analyst, Founder, and Chairman of Silicon Valley based Constellation Research, Inc. and author of the popular business strategy blog at Software Insider. The CRM category is chock-full of research, industry event coverage, announcements of upcoming webinars and opportunities, and Wang’s independent expert analysis on all things CRM.

Three posts we like from R. Ray Wang: 

24. Effective CRM


Mike Boysen is passionate about CRM and customer-centricity, and you’ll find ample information on these topics and more at the Effective CRM blog. Boysen calls Effective CRM “the journey to customer-centric innovation.”

Three posts we like from Effective CRM: 

25. Pretzel Logic


Sameer Patel shares his thoughts on accelerating organizational performance and enterprise software at Pretzel Logic. An SVP at SAP Cloud/SuccessFactors, Patel has plenty of real-world experiences from which to share valuable insights on the intersect of technology, marketing, and advertising and how it impacts customer relationships.

Three posts we like from Pretzel Logic: 

26. Dr. Natalie News


Business analyst, consultant, software analyst, and vetter Dr. Natalie shares her wealth of expertise at Dr. Natalie News. From customer experience management to the customer journey, social media, customer engagement, and more, Dr. Natalie News is a must-read blog for anything and everything customer relationship management.

Three posts we like from Dr. Natalie News:

27. B2B Lead Roundtable Blog


The B2B Lead Roundtable Blog, as its name suggests, offers tips and strategies for lead generation and lead development in the B2B sector. Get news and insights on marketing, lead management, nurturing, research, case studies, and more.

Three posts we like from B2B Lead Roundtable Blog: 

28. Nick Baggott’s CRM and Digital Marketing Blog


Nick Baggott is a digital marketing trainer, consultant, and speaker who provides strategic marketing and customer relationship management advice to clients. To readers of his blog, Baggott brings links to valuable resources, articles, and thought-provoking opinions on the modern-day customer experience and how companies can make use of tools and tactics to create and nurture profitable customer relationships.

Three posts we like from Nick Baggott’s CRM and Digital Marketing Blog: 

29. HubSpot Blogs


HubSpot is a leader in inbound marketing solutions, and the HubSpot Blogs provide a portal on all things digital marketing, inbound, relationship management, the customer experience, and more. With topics for marketing, sales, and agencies, there’s something for everyone on the HubSpot Blogs.

Three posts we like from HubSpot Blog: 

30. Customer Experience Matrix


A consultant in marketing technology evaluation and analytics, David Raab is the author behind Customer Experience Matrix. The Customer Experience Matrix is a tool used to visualize marketing and operational interactions between a company and its customers. Named for this tool, the Customer Experience Matrix blog shares Raab’s insights from his work and perspectives on shaping the customer experience through the many business-to-customer interactions in the modern climate, the latest technologies and hacks for creating the ideal customer experience, and more.

Three posts we like from Customer Experience Matrix: 

31. CRM Switch


CRM Switch aims to reduce the time it takes to get to the right CRM decision by 50 percent or more, and, once the decision is made, helps businesses hit the ground running. CRM Switch covers training opportunities, industry news, marketing, business technology, and other pertinent topics for today’s customer relationship professionals.

Three posts we like from CRM Switch: 

32. Forrester


Forrester is a leading independent research firm offering analysis and perspectives from some of the world’s most qualified analysts and thought leaders spanning a variety of marketing and technology sectors. The Forrester blog is home to a wealth of content about customer relationship management and related topics.

Three posts we like from Forrester: 

33. Nimble


Nimble’s smart relationship manager helps you turn your contacts into lifetime customers. The Nimble blog is a wealth of information on customer relationships, contact management, customer experience, and related topics.

Three posts we like from Nimble: 

34. Pipeliner CRM Blog


The Pipeliner CRM Blog is “the winning playbook for sales professionals.” From the sales pipeline to CRM software, the sales process, and the new buyer, Pipeliner CRM Blog covers all the topics you need to master to cultivate lasting customer relationships.

Three posts we like from Pipeliner CRM Blog: 

35. High Impact CRM


Get updates on CRM best practices, industry news and technology, and everything you need to know to take your CRM to high-impact level at the High Impact CRM blog from CRMnext.

Three posts we like from High Impact CRM: 

36. Hosk’s Dynamic CRM Blog


Ben Hosking, a.k.a. “Hosk,” is a Dynamics CRM Solutions Architect at NTT DATA U.K. His blog, Hosk’s Dynamic CRM Blog, focuses on Microsoft CRM Dynamics and technical tricks and hacks to get the most out of Microsoft CRM Dynamics. For the technically inclined and coders of the CRM world, this is a blog to read.

Three posts we like from Hosk’s Dynamic CRM Blog: 

37. For Entrepreneurs


For Entrepreneurs is your source for all things startup, including getting your first customers, developing customer loyalty, and other tidbits for growing your business. If you’re into growth hacking, SaaS solutions, funding, customer success, and the like, For Entrepreneurs is a blog you should add to your regular reading list.

Three posts we like from For Entrepreneurs: 

38. Duct Tape Marketing


John Jantsch is a widely recognized thought leader on all things marketing and the author of the popular Duct Tape Marketing books. The Duct Tape Marketing blog is a companion to the book, expanding on the insights offered in the book with the latest trends and insights on marketing, sales, and customer relationships.

Three posts we like from Duct Tape Marketing: 

39. Insightly


A small business CRM and project management app, Insightly is a free CRM option for small to mid-size companies. The Insightly blog offers not only product news about the Insightly App but also customer knowledge management, customer relationships, productivity, lead development and nurturing, and more.

Three posts we like from Insightly: 

40. InMoment


InMoment is a company offering simple, elegant products and services to help companies listen and engage with customers and improve business results through better customer interactions and experiences. The InMoment blog encompasses customer experience, customer engagement strategy, branding, and more.

Three posts we like from InMoment: 

41. Buljan & Partners


An international consultancy specializing in Customer Centric Management (CCM) and Customer Experience, Buljan & Partners maintains a blog covering all things Customer Centric Management. You’ll find topics spanning the digital experience, customer satisfaction, strategy, customer service, and more.

Three posts we like from Buljan & Partners: 

42. Genroe


Sydney, Australia-based Genroe has been a driving force in helping companies better understand and generate more value from their existing customers since 2002. The Genroe blog covers data and technology as it relates to the customer experience, customer service, and customer feedback, technology reviews, and other tools and topics to help you maximize customer lifetime value.

Three posts we like from Genroe: 

43. NewVoiceMedia Blog


New Voice Media helps businesses sell more, serve better, and grow faster. The NewVoiceMedia Blog offers news and views on customer management, customer service, call center tips and strategies, social media, sales, marketing, and all the topics on the minds of today’s business leaders, from a panel of leading experts in every facet of modern business.

Three posts we like from NewVoiceMedia Blog: 

44. A Passion for Research


Louis Columbus blogs at A Passion for Research, where he shares his passion for customer-driven innovation made possible through social networking and other technologies. The blog emphasizes CRM, cloud computing, ERP, and enterprise software.

Three posts we like from A Passion for Research: 

45. Walker – Customer Strategies


A customer intelligence firm specializing in customer retention and growth strategies, Walker helps businesses take their customer relationships to the next level. The Walker blog also features valuable information from experts in the field on customer strategy, customer experience, journey mapping, and more.

Three posts we like from Walker – Customer Strategies: 

46. Maximizer CRM


Maximizer CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management platform for small and medium-sized businesses. The Maximizer CRM blog covers business and technology, marketing advice, sales strategy, and other news related to customer service, customer experience, business, and technology.

Three posts we like from Maximizer CRM: 

47. Michael Fauscette


Michael Fauscette is a software industry analyst who shares observations, opinions, and analysis on emerging topics of interest in software, software ecosystems, and emerging software business models and strategies.

Three posts we like from Michael Fauscette: 

48. Success with CRM


Dick Wooden helps businesses implement customer relationship management strategies, sharing his best insights and tips on the Success with CRM blog. From technical tips on getting the most from your CRM application to which applications to choose, Success with CRM is a great blog for businesses in the decision-making process.

Three posts we like from Success with CRM: 

49. Stay in Front


Stay in Front is a global provider of enterprise-wide customer relationship management software, mobile sales force effectiveness, and on-demand CRM. Naturally, the blog encompasses all of these areas, including sales strategy, best practices in customer relationship management, and other relevant industry news and analysis.

Three posts we like from Stay in Front: 

50. Contactually


A simple, effective way to get more from your network, Contactually helps users turn relationships into results. Sales, signups, referrals, recommendations, and more, Contactually can help you derive more value and get what you need most from your contacts. The Contactually blog covers lead nurturing, relationship management, networking, productivity, and every topic on the minds of today’s customer relationship and customer experience professionals.

Three posts we like from Contactually: 

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