CDP Use Cases for Telco Providers

Our NGDATA use cases for telco providers have been created to solve common challenges businesses are facing.

Learn how NGDATA’s Intelligent Engagement Platform (IEP) allows telecommunications companies to prevent customer churn and create positive customer experiences in the four use cases below.

Predict and Counter Customer Churn

The NGDATA IEP leverages integrated data sources across the telco’s ecosystem and provides the means to easily access them in real-time. With the Customer DNA at its core, the platform can detect any change in customer behavior indicative of a medium to high churn risk.

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Telco Use Case Home connectivity

Detect and Mitigate Home Connectivity Issues

With the Customer DNA, we can identify the ‘owner’ of the household as indicated in the plan details. All of this combined with the household or customer’s churn score also influences the experiences sent and the approach used to resolve the issue.​

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Proactive ‘Bill Shock’ Management

NGDATA’s IEP continually listens to each customer’s interactions and sends out the relevant experiences if a potential “bill shock” trigger is detected.

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Telco use cas bill shock

Bundling Offers To Increase Customer Value

Easily design customized campaigns suited for the needs of various customer segments, and ensure that the right people are targeted only at the right time.

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