Smart Audiences Segmentation

Smart Audience Creation means that businesses can select audiences with multiple attributes and criteria that go way beyond simple segmentation. When creating audiences, declarative data is combined with interaction data so that, for instance, the information taken from CRMs and product portfolios is merged with customer journey information. This includes contextual parameters such as the type of device used or when interactions with a product took place. 

With all these attributes taken into account, you can create very detailed – and smart – audiences. 

Real-Time Audiences

Engaging with your customer needs to be moment-based instead of following a general, one-size-fits-all flow.
Relevant customer experience cannot be based on yesterday’s insights but should be generated on the spot.
If not, you might miss the relevant window of opportunity.

You can compose a list of customers in real-time by defining conditions on customer metrics.
On one hand, such an audience could be a static group of customers, such as mobile app users.
On the other hand, it could be a dynamic group of customers who all visited
the same product page or have been newly onboarded.

Discover a key component to the Intelligent Engagement Platform – Real-time Interaction Management (RTIM). 

Easy audience segmentation with full access to all metrics 

The Intelligent Engagement Platform’s interface was built with the business user in mind. It provides quick and easy access for marketers and allows them to swiftly create audiences themselves. This way, we empower the marketer to run data-driven targeting processes by creating and selecting the metrics for assembling customized audiences on the spot. The marketer can then, for example, see which high-value customers are showing a downward trend in interacting with their brand through a specific channel.

Audience IEP Screenshot

Build your campaign target group on the spot 

The marketer can easily build and tailor target groups by adding and modifying metric selections, after which the custom-built audiences can be used immediately in targeting campaigns. With the Intelligent Engagement Platform, you can launch campaigns simply by linking a customized audience to a product or service offer and define a set of personalized experiences in the blink of an eye.

Advanced AI Audiences

Fully empowering the marketer goes beyond enabling audience building based on metric selection.
Our Intelligent Engagement Platform provides AI capabilities to help discover and address opportunities
within your customer data through Clustering and Look-alike Modeling so you can easily identify
high-value segments to engage with. 

Dynamic Audience

Value in defining the right audience 

Working with advanced AI audiences allows you to:

  • Define and discover your best customers. Focus on customers that add the most value and are more likely to positively respond to communications. 
  • Build audiences with a propensity to engage. Driving more relevant customer interactions is key to developing customer engagement and loyalty. Use segmentation criteria that include ‘conversion likelihood’ or ‘recent branch visitors’ to automate more relevant and timely communications. 
  • Predict and prevent customer churn. Understanding your customers and identifying changes in behavior can allow you to identify the risk of customer churn. You can then have automation in place to reduce and prevent this by ensuring the next best experience.

Predict and prevent customer churn with Look-alike Modeling

Look-alike Modeling can be used to mirror customers that have already shown desired behavior. For instance, when a customer has recently acquired one of your products or services, you can assume that others with comparable attributes will show similar behavior. 

Look-alike Modeling enables the marketer to select a look-alike group of customers who most resemble ‘exemplar’ customers. These look-alikes are of high value as they are likely to match that behavior. You can then capitalize on new opportunities with highly-personalized experiences.

Audience Look-alike
Audience Clusters

Create customer clusters for a smarter sales strategy 

Clustering helps identify whether logical segments exist within an audience and what the characteristics of these clusters are. This algorithm will leverage AI to automatically divide a group of contacts into smaller clusters of people who have similar profiles based on all attributes. Marketers can then create an offer specifically tailored to those individual clusters.

This allows you to have relevant conversations with your customers on an individual level. And when you notice customers showing decreased activity, relevant messages will help you to reduce churn – something that can be a real challenge for some businesses.  

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