A CDP for Retail Banking

Achieve 1-to-1 personalization through real-time, omnichannel engagements with our advanced CDP for retail banking.

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Reduce cost per acquisition
Increase share of wallet
Boost customer activation
Improve NPS and CSAT scores


Maximize customer engagement with our banking CDP

Deliver customer-centric engagements to your banking customers in real-time with the most relevant content, delivered to the most relevant channel.

By enabling 1-to-1 personalization, our intelligent CDP helps retail banks to boost customer engagement, increase customer retention, and maximize profitability.

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Retail banking CDP

Drive customer value with every interaction

Offer the personalized experiences that your banking customers have come to expect from their local branch to position your brand as a trusted financial advisor.

With our Retail Banking Solution, you can leverage data to support your customers’ financial well-being throughout key life moments and journey stages, whether they’re managing day-to-day financials or preparing for retirement.

Core Banking Modernization – A win-win for IT and Business

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NGDATA Use Cases
CDP Use Cases for Retail Banking

Our NGDATA use cases for retail banking have been created to solve common challenges businesses are facing.

Boost loyalty & revenue with our engagement CDP

Become your customers’ primary bank by orchestrating customer-centric journeys that give them what they need, when and where they need it.

Thanks to our advanced CDP for retail banks, you can learn from intelligent customer insights as they evolve in real-time to provide the most helpful content on the fly.

With an always optimized view of your customers’ financial behaviors, circumstances, and needs, you can create long-lasting relationships that benefit you both.

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An AI-powered CDP for retail banks

Deliver real-time, omnichannel, customer-centric experiences to banking customers while complying with all relevant data privacy regulations (GDPR and CCPA).

Our Retail Banking Solution is a low-code option to help marketers gain value immediately, with out-of-the-box use cases, retail banking DNA and starter campaigns, and an intuitive UI designed for business users.

You can leverage the power of big data quickly with unified insights – our Retail Banking Customer DNA™ – that guide intelligent decision-making at every stage of the customer lifecycle.


Bank on better KPIs with NGDATA

Client onboarding

Increase customer acquisition and lifetime value by maximizing engagement from the get-go.

Customer activation

Launch smarter campaigns that encourage customers to expand their product or service portfolio for increased retention and revenue.

Cross-sell smarter

Anticipate and meet customers’ needs with optimized customer insights and analytics for better conversion rates and ROI.

Increase retention

Boost retention by predicting churn rates and responding in real-time with customer-centric experiences.

Foster loyalty

Increase customer loyalty by delivering service and information-related experiences that drive real value.


A smarter analytics & orchestration platform for banks

With a comprehensive set of predefined metrics and models, our Retail Banking
Solution means you can engage with customers quickly and meaningfully.

360 customer

Gain a holistic and always optimized view of the people who count with our Customer DNA™. This learns from cross-channel inbound and outbound communications, combined with banking-specific insights, to give you a detailed understanding of your customers’ behaviors, financial needs, and context in real-time.


Drive hyper-targeted interactions in real-time with out-of-the-box use cases for every customer journey stage. Whether you want to gain or retain customers, activate cross-selling campaigns, or boost advocacy, our ready-to-go banking use cases can help you drive the right content, in the right place, and at the right time.

analytical models

Our low-code CDP generates propensity and churn models using built-in machine learning, reducing the need for heavy data science. With a user-friendly interface, you can discover new audiences, seize untapped opportunities to engage, and use predictive modeling to anticipate your customers’ needs.

CDP Institute

“NGDATA’s Intelligent Engagement Platform is Certified as a RealCDP and meets all core CDP requirements and supports enhanced CDP capabilities and best practices.”

David Raab – CDP Institute


Customer engagement experts for retail banks

We build tailored CDP solutions for banks with a strategic approach that spans four phases:

Requirements & planning

We’ll start building a customer solution based on a deep understanding of your industry’s needs, pain points, and objectives (alongside those of key operational personas).

Solution design

Next, we’ll define the high-level functional design, including components like propensity and data models. We’ll also define relevant use cases and the most relevant offers, experiences, and metrics.

Solution build

We’ll collaborate with our partners to set up your solution environment and start building entity and interaction schemas. We’ll configure metrics, load test data, and build key integrations.

Validate & deploy

After validating the solution, we’ll deploy our CDP while providing ongoing support, maintenance, and overall solution optimization.