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The Real Value of Real-time Data

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White Paper | Real-time Done Right: From Customer Insight to Customer Engagement

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When it comes to engaging today’s digitally confident and ultra-connected customers, these four words hold more power than you might think.

Targeting your customers with interactions that are both tailored and timely is key to optimizing their experience at every stage of their journey and strengthening relationships that you both get value from. Yet, many companies fail to deliver the right communications via the right channels at the right time.

In ’Real-time Done Right: From Customer Insights to Customer Engagement’, Customer Data Platform Institute (CDPI) Founder David Raab delves into the true value of real-time engagement, evaluates the key challenges facing businesses on their personalization roadmap, and shares valuable insights on how to navigate them.

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Checklist | Assessing Your Real-time Interaction Strategy

Once you’ve defined your real-time engagement objectives, the next step is to implement a system that can help you achieve them. From data access to strategic decision-making, the seamless execution of real-time conversations relies on your infrastructure and its capabilities.

In our real-time infrastructure checklist, find all the questions you need to ask about your current system to identify its shortcomings, fill the gaps, and orchestrate real-time conversations that count.

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Video Series | The Power of Real-time with David Raab

Why should you prioritize real-time communications? – How do real-time interactions hold value for your organization?What real-time challenges are businesses facing today?How can you overcome them?

Watch our video series with Customer Data Platform Institute (CDPI) Founder David Raab for the answers to some of the most common questions surrounding real-time engagements and why they deserve a place in your personalization strategy.

Real-time interaction management with NGDATA's IEP

Real-time Interaction Management

With a Real-time Interaction Management (RTIM) system, your organization can harness big data to make individuals feel seen and heard.  Combining always evolving customer profiles with next best experience scoring capabilities, advanced RTIM systems keep contextually relevant connections at your fingertips.

In ‘Real-time Interaction Management: Achieve Real One-to-One Marketing’, learn more about RTIM systems, including our Intelligent Engagement Platform, and the role of smart technology in orchestrating real-time customer engagements.  

Enabling Real-time Conversations

How to create dialogs that customers want to be part of 

Using big data to provide customers with the interactions they want and need is the future of great customer experience. We often talk about the power of personalization within this conversation, but today’s customers want more from companies than just individualized engagements. They also expect real-time conversations.

Building Real-time Infrastructure

Best Practices 

Engaging customers with hyper-targeted interactions in real time is not a new priority for businesses. In fact, 90% of leaders now recognize the importance of using real-time insights to guide real-time decisions. But, just how many businesses are doing real time right? 

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