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Get to market faster with a low code CDP

The pace of change just accelerated.

Luckily, we can give our clients a head start.

We know that banks need to develop and roll out digital initiatives that deliver against business outcomes with more agility than ever. Scaling professional developer resources and expertise comes with its own set of challenges – availability, time, cost, and complexity.

This means software applications like CDPs need to be quick and easy for business users to adapt, and secure enough for IT to control. This enables banks to focus on the right projects and get them in market faster.

Making application development more accessible

Low-code development refers to business users or ‘citizen developers’ leveraging pre-developed building blocks or components to quickly develop software applications. This agile approach to app development means new resourcing models that allow banks to do more to drive the most positive business outcomes that deliver commercial success and customer satisfaction.

‘Citizen Development’, a Gartner coined term, is not a new one, but it is increasingly important to understand as banks up the ante on digital transformation of their ‘customer-facing’ application and business processes.

The low-code development approach fuels the productivity trend and, as Deloitte explains, it also democratizes ‘the craft of software development, enabling professionals with very little training to develop enterprise applications’.

How to learn fast from experience

All of this is great but means having a platform with built-in intelligence and the knowledge to apply and design solutions for situations that have, do, and might happen.

At NGDATA, we’ve created numerous use cases based on different banking scenarios that are customizable for our clients. Our platform has been in development for over a decade. With our Intelligent Engagement Platform, you won’t be starting from scratch as it comes with tons of adaptable algorithms and metrics that ensure the next-best experience is provided in real-time to maximize customer engagements.

We’ve invested thousands of hours into the development of our integration framework to bring huge benefits to our clients. This is a unique combination of hundreds of building blocks from the NIFI Project and multiple NGDATA-specific building blocks created to address various use cases.

Our unparalleled repository offers our clients the quick time-to-market that means they see results faster with an accessible and flexible framework at their fingertips.

Striking the right balance when digitizing banking applications

Like most things in life, balance is everything. Focusing on where you can make the biggest impact in the best way is the most effective and realistic strategy when it comes to digitizing your customer-facing experiences and business processes. That’s why marketing and IT need to work together in ‘fusion’ teams and why commercially-focused client success needs to be combined with top data science, customer analytics, and code.

They say there’s no substitute for experience and there’s no shortcut to acquiring it. But to get businesses leveraging the low code trend to see positive business outcomes, we’ve created the code, so you don’t have to.

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