CDP Use Cases for Insurance Providers

Our NGDATA use cases for insurance providers have been created to solve common challenges businesses are facing.

Learn how NGDATA’s Intelligent Engagement Platform allows insurance companies to prevent customer churn and create positive customer experiences in the four showcased below.

Proactive Customer Retention Strategy

Leverage the IEP’s capabilities to drive relevant, timely, and real-time customer experiences in building a robust retention strategy throughout all stages of the customer journey. The platform helps you prevent customer churn, reward customers who stay, and create positive customer experiences.

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Enhanced Customer Coverage Through Riders

Our solution highlights the best moments to reach out to customers while consistently listening to their interactions to determine preferred channels and means of communication, to ensure productive conversations with them. The platform helps you with assisting customers during critical life moments, identifying additional revenue opportunities, and creating long-lasting customer relationships.

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Well-being Program Engagement

A properly designed well-being program is a long-term strategy. With our IEP, you can ensure customers only receive offers in line with their needs and interests at that specific point in time. Our platform helps incentivizing usage, offering relevant experiences through feedback and increasing program adoption.

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Abandoned Cart Re-engagement

With the IEP’s advanced real-time analytics and decision-making capabilities, you can analyze browsing behavior to detect interests, propensities, or abandonment intent. The platform presents real-time insights into customer behavior, helps with cart abandonment prevention and systematically ensures timely communications.

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