Industry Solutions

Every industry uses particular metrics to build and maintain a holistic view of the customer in real-time, such as metrics related to customers’ financial health in the banking industry or mobile data consumption patterns in the telecommunications sector.

Based on the industry expertise our team has built up over the years, we’ve defined specific solutions for those industries to quickly drive value from our Intelligent Engagement Platform. Our solutions help you achieve true 1-to-1 personalization in real-time across all your communication channels.

Retail Banking

Our Retail Banking Solution helps banks offer the personal service customers have historically received from their local community banks, positioning you as a trusted financial advisor throughout the entire customer lifecycle. We do this by delivering real-time, omnichannel, customer-centric 1-1 experiences while simultaneously complying with data privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA).

Retail banking CDP
Insurance CDP


This customer-centric solution for insurance helps to build customer relationships beyond the moment the insurance policy is sold and renewal dates. Individualized messaging around value-adding services and program memberships increase customer engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.


Telcos offering bundled services have a higher ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), and even more so when they can offer personalized bundles. Personalized experiences such as proactively informing customers about changes in their data consumption pattern and recommending them another, more interesting, data plan will also positively impact churn rates and subscriber growth.

Telecommunications CDP

Hospitality CDP


NGDATA’s hospitality solution helps you deliver a superior customer experience, before, during, and in between stays. This is achieved by providing personalized experiences to find the right accommodation and suggesting services linked to previous stays, all by leveraging real-time holistic customer profiles. Delight your guests, boost the revenue per stay (TRevPAR), and increase brand loyalty.

Sports & Entertainment

With teams having a wealth of data stored across multiple disparate systems, the goal of creating a single fan view and leveraging the insights to provide timely engagements with relevance substantially increases the value generated through data. Keep everything you know about your team’s supporters at your fingertips with easy and instant access to intelligent fan metrics.

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