An Advanced CDP for Hospitality & Hotels

Create a winning guest experience with our advanced CDP solution, enabling personalized connections for truly rewarding hospitality and hotel stays.

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Improve booking conversion rates
Boost loyalty
guest folio
Customer Lifetime Value growth
Accelerate time between bookings


The CDP to boost results across your entire guest life cycle

Achieve customer centricity and maximize profitability with a CDP solution tailored to the hospitality industry.

With built-in customer analytics and real-time interaction management (RTIM), our solution drives contextually relevant interactions at exactly the right time – boosting your chances of impressing and retaining guests.

Hospitality CDP

Personalize every interaction

Create a consistently positive experience for every guest with tailored interactions that take all personal and contextual data into account.

Our advanced CDP solution allows brands to engage throughout every guest’s lifecycle, from the pre-booking experience to their stay, and every interaction in between.

Curate experiences with real-time insights

Offer highly relevant, individualized experiences before, during, and after a guest’s stay with a real-time view of their behaviors and preferences.

With real-time data, quickly develop a deep understanding of your guests’:
• Travel habits
• Brand preferences
• Consumption patterns
• Interests on-site and offsite
• Technology use.

Real-time interactions allow you to delight your guests at every moment, helping to increase revenue per stay, boost RevPAR, and intensify loyalty towards your brand and partners.

IEP Hospitality Solution

A data-driven hospitality solution

With our advanced CDP solution, you can keep your guests at the heart of every hospitality experience – all while achieving your commercial priorities as they develop.

We’ve designed our Hospitality Solution to resolve ever-changing business challenges and yield the highest results possible.

After all, with a real-time view of every individual and their context-specific wants and needs, you’re always equipped to impress with the right content, right channel, and right time.


Improve KPIs across the board

Maximize direct bookings

Increase direct-to-consumer bookings by creating offers based on guests’ previous stays and real-time context, such as individualized hotel packages for business travelers.

Increase guest folio revenue

Boost every guest’s folio by leveraging first- and third-party data to personalize on- and offsite offers, based on their evolving needs.

Improve ops & engagement

Empower hotel staff to enhance the guest experience with individualized services based on real-time insights – from housekeeping to later checkouts to concierge add-ons.

Deepen customer loyalty

Use real-time data about every guest’s stay to ask for relevant feedback, such as via surveys, and tailor future loyalty programs based on preferences, needs, and brand affinities.

Shorten time between stays

Learn from previous guest experiences (such as hotel spa visits) to anticipate special life events, tailor offers and experiences accordingly, and reduce the time between stays.


An analytics-focused CDP for hospitality

With our Hospitality Solution, designed in collaboration with sector experts,
we help hotels and brands create winning guest experiences based on data-driven insights.
It offers a comprehensive set of pre-defined metrics and analytical models,
enabling hospitality brands to engage with guests meaningfully
while reducing the time-to-market of key use cases.

guest view

Gain a detailed understanding of every guest to create long-lasting connections with our Customer DNA™. This provides a real-time view of every guest across every channel, such as an individual’s trend in website activity as they browse in-resort offers.


Achieve commercial objectives while driving immediate value for guests with out-of-the-box use cases, alongside customizable solutions that allow you to curate experiences as they develop. For instance, reduce time between stays with a staycation campaign based on a guest’s previously enjoyed on-site activities.


Harness the power of AI without the heavy data science work thanks to our CDP’s built-in machine learning pipeline, accessible through a user-friendly interface. From audience discovery to propensity modeling, make more informed decisions to engage with guests meaningfully, without overwhelming your marketers.

CDP Institute

“NGDATA’s Intelligent Engagement Platform is Certified as a RealCDP and meets all core CDP requirements and supports enhanced CDP capabilities and best practices.”

David Raab – CDP Institute


This is our domain  

When it comes to creating solutions, we take a prescriptive and strategic approach that can be broken down into four phases: 

Requirements & planning

During this phase we’ll identify operational personas, pains, and strategic goals, helping us to pinpoint your specific requirements and build a plan.

Solution design

Here we define the high-level functional design – putting together a framework of components, including foreseeable propensity models and data models. We also determine and select relevant use cases with functional requirements, alongside offers, experiences, and metrics.

Solution build

Along with our partners, we’ll set-up your solution environment and start building entity and interaction schemas. We configure metrics, load test data, build key integrations, and input text.

Validate & deploy

After validating the solution, we’ll deploy our IEP within your environment while providing ongoing support, maintenance, and overall solution optimization.