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Drive data-led insurance experiences with an advanced CDP

Be there in your customers’ life moments with the Intelligent Engagement Platform, our advanced customer data platform (CDP) that transforms static insurance journeys into relevant, personalized, and data-driven digital experiences.

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Real insurance connectivity
relies on digital data 

For insurers, connecting with customers has traditionally relied on pricing and claims processes – brands remain competitive, hoping their customers will build a full product portfolio. 

But, customers want more than just great premiums. For real satisfaction, insurers need to leverage data to create flexible digital experiences, timely engagements, and personalized offers. 

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Becoming customer centric

Digitally savvy

Learn from the growing popularity of digital insurance platforms (DIPs) and other digital-first brands to connect with an increasingly savvy customer base – one that’s willing to protect its assets, personal well-being, and professional health online. 

End-to-end digital

Invest in delivering end-to-end digital experiences that embed in customers’ lives. From applying for policies to filing claims, create insurance journeys that are flexible and convenient for customers

Prioritize customer

Digitally transform and revolutionize your customer experiences with audiences’ financial and personal well-being at the forefront. Orchestrate digital journeys based on customers’ needs, and forge long-lasting emotional connections as a result. 

Creating direct-to-consumer
experiences with a CDP 

Enable direct-to-consumer experiences based on authentic connections, and become your customers’ go-to advisor throughout important life moments – from buying a car to taking out a mortgage. Leverage our platform’s real-time interaction management (RTIM) capabilities to accelerate decision-making and deliver engagements that are always contextually relevant. 

Benefits of the Intelligent Engagement Platform

Centralized data

fragmented data sets

Aggregate fragmented data sets to overcome organizational silos, create holistic customer profiles, and leverage mature insights to enable convenient and omnichannel brand-customer conversations. 

customer engagement

Create flexible journeys that can both respond to and proactively predict customers’ insurance needs to build long-lasting connections and prevent switching.

revenue streams

Identify cross- and upselling opportunities based on customers’ circumstances as they evolve in real time and equip brokers with detailed insights to enhance customer engagements. 

Digital Insurance

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The Solution for Insurance that goes beyond your standard CDP.
IEP is designed to be customer-centric and maximizes profitability by allowing for 1-to-1 personalization in real-time.

Insurance Use Cases

Our NGDATA use cases for insurance providers have been created to solve common challenges businesses are facing.