Customer Journey Orchestration

Customer journey orchestration leverages multi-dimensional data to create the most holistic and considered customer experience. It’s the technology that brings together customer conversations and journeys across all touchpoints to ensure a unified approach, irrespective of organizational silos.   

From awareness to advocacy, specific customer scenarios and their subsequent solutions can be delivered at different stages of the journey, spanning enterprise-wide functions including marketing, sales, service, and eCommerce. 

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How Customer Journey Analytics Enable Accurate Orchestration

Smart analytics are a vital ingredient for meaningful customer journey orchestration. To deliver hyper-personalized customer engagements, businesses need comprehensive customer data based on historical integrations, real-time insights, channel preferences, and the context in which content is consumed. Once you’ve unified these, you can begin to engage with customers with the right content at the right time. 

Customer Journey Orchestration

How to best personalize the customer journey? It’s all in the Orchestration

This includes knowing who and when to target with communications, such as retail offers. For example, a customer who has indicated interest in a product – and is now browsing the product information in depth – is already displaying a high propensity to convert. On the other hand, a customer who has abandoned their shopping cart after browsing the product’s pricing options could be the prime target for a discount or promotional offer.  

Journey transitions are driven by real-time interactions. As a result, any actions performed by a customer at a certain moment, within a certain context, help build a unified picture of their behavior. Using these analytics and learning from where a customer is in their journey, you can offer consistently customized and contextually relevant experiences.  

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journey orchestration
Journey Orchestration

The Orchestration of Multiple Customer Journeys in Parallel

Customers don’t always have one need at one moment in time. Journey stages are related to product and service offers where the customer could be on multiple journeys in parallel, alongside the customer lifecycle and buyer readiness stages. Journey stages within an offer have a specific weight that is taken into consideration when calculating the opportunity index. This means that the outcome will be influenced by the weight of that specific journey stage for the specific offers someone is in.   

Real-time customer data platform

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